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2.0-i -- 07/11/2009
now using PHP 5.3.0
PECL packages are not included anymore (not available on the PHP website)
now using MySQL 5.1.36
now using phpMyAdmin
SQLiteManager is not included anymore, not compatible with PHP 5.3.0
minor bug corrected in the php.ini file
PHP log file is desactivated since it creates bug with phpinfo() function

2.0-h -- 04/16/2009
now using PHP 5.2.9-2
now using MySQL 5.1.33
now using PHPMyAdmin

2.0-g-1 -- 03/12/2009
now using PHP 5.2.9-1

2.0-g -- 03/08/2009
now using PHP 5.2.9
now using MySQL 5.1.32
now using PHPMyAdmin 3.1.3
corrected a menu bug with apache 2.2.11
corrected notices generated by refresh.php

2.0-f -- 12/16/2008
now using PHP 5.2.8
now using Apache 2.2.11
now using PHPMyAdmin 3.1.1

2.0-e -- 12/05/2008
now using PHP 5.2.7
deleted ereg* in index.php

2.0-d -- 12/01/2008
now using MySQL 5.1.30
now using Apache 2.2.10
now using phpMyAdmin
refresh.php script updated (by skoobiedu)

2.0-c -- 05/05/2008
now using PHP 5.2.6
now using MySQL 5.0.51b
now using phpMyAdmin 2.11.6
corrected notice messages on index page
corrected fancyindex in Apache

2.0-b -- 03/07/2008
now using apache 2.2.8
now using MySQL 5.0.51a
deleted WAMP5 text
added languages
corrected a bug with Vista 64

2.0-a -- 11/21/2007
first release of WampServer 2